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By Elies
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Monday, October 1, 2007

@ 4:53 PM

whew! first day of mugging week just passed.

did some dna experiment in the morning, then jap food for recess, then all the revisions... after school stayed back with jie rong and xu jie to do some real revision at the library. but jier rong aka joker wasted 1 hour playing a fool -.- then only after he left then me n xu jie really chiong.

wah my math is the scariest of all larh. still need to revise ALOT. die already larh seriously

hmm i just started my morning devotions TODAY. so shameful right? hai at least it's never too late to talk to God.

going for aunty louis' wake later. so sad larh. like so suddenly she just went to heaven like that. and can you believe that the week before she collapsed she actually said that "it would be nice to go to heaven earlier"??

wish i could say that man. well i dont know how long i might live, cos anyway everything is in God's control. and. like my life so far hasn't been enough to be a christian, and like this is the end of sec 2 already.

i wanna sleep