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By Elies
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Friday, September 28, 2007

@ 4:21 PM


today was boring so i shall talk about yesterday!
hmm so yesterday we had some bio thing at the lab and we built some minature structure of DNA. then literature slacked and then double english and double chinese. wah steady seh.
then after that ahh... JAP TEST! okay im not pro okay? i also had to study hard for it larh..
so anyway went to moelc for the test. then my room had like 8 other half-japs! oh my gosh. they walk in then wah talktalktalk in japanese until like so good lidat. then i just sit at the corner by myself lorh.
wah then the paper so thick. got 3 compre, compo, listening compre. total about 2 hours. then the girl beside me (half jap!) wah keep on flipping the paper as if she so good like that, super annoying can. then listening compre, cos have to circle the answer so wah she try to peek at my answer. by waving her hair around to my side. haha like i so dumb like that!
anyway she finished the paper in 1 hour so for 60 min she just sat there doing nothing larh. then sometimes look at my paper tryna see how much i have left. haha but nevermind larh. anway finished the paper, checked, checked then handed in. then i was like uber tired. MAN, i chionged jap for like a whole week lorh! so since i used up my brain cells, my parents brought me to IMM!
haha so ate at baystreet21 for dinner. wah shiok man, so filling larh. then after that went to a newly opened christian bookroom and guess what, it's owned by my dad's distant cousin! haha so cool larh. so bought a real nice bible case and then saw this cute notice.
haha, better the singapore police photos. anyway, we bought like 6 batam donuts! tiramisu, cuppicino, vanilla... lots and lots :D and real cheap too.
so went home and slacked and slept. haha sleepypig xD
now for the EOYs! woohoo~ im gona real mug like crazy now man.