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By Elies
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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

@ 3:44 PM

hai. school's weird now..

especially my class. 2H's breaking up man. boycott here boycott there... what the hell man.

i mean like, we started off well, happy, good class spirit. then like term 2 onwards so many stuffs happened. until even our form teacher had to like almost give up on us. what an impression we gave teachers man. like term 1 we were the best class, then now a nightmare. cliques, more like gangs. for what sia. then now is about whether anot to include so-and-so in this soccer team and that basketball team.

ironically, we just finished Lord of the Flies for our lit. wow it's like the same thing happening right now man. like the other classes are so much more bonded, but nah, not our class man. gossips, backstabs... how to have class gathering like that?

well guys, i thought you all were great. like i thought we could really spend more time together and like have a healthy fellowship. but man, what happened?

hmm i just pray that God will help us through. at least to prevent more harm to be done on each other... EOYs are on the way and we're still like that.

really dono how or what to say