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name: izumi aka imuzi
spoke: 24MAY93
loves: God family church kitkat! music
plays: softball piano soccer
in: hwachong proed council 4H2




By Elies
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Thursday, November 29, 2007

@ 6:07 PM

back from DVBS!

called daily vacation bible school. my group was SAMARIA and yes, we came in first in wed's west coast park!! :D

well i reaaally enjoyed the 3-day camp alot. first year as an assistant group leader and i thought my group was real nice. uncle kim swee was my leader, hui qian and occassionally melissa wee were my other assistant leaders. the kids were especially loud (yin fei) but they were really nice little children.

first day. had lotsa fun during singspiration and games and interaction time! haha the kids laughed alot man. the message by uncle chee tiek was real meaningful. though it was for the kids, i thought that it applied to me also. but anyway i got to know the children in my group a little bit and was dismissal!

2nd day. went to west coast park! for like 3 hours plus. then we ran here and there alot and we managed to do just 9 stations. actually we slacked alot cos we thought we sure wont win lah. then turned out to be we came in first! :) spent most of our time talking and lunching. then some stations were quite interesting and even assistant leaders had to participate -.- but was quite tiring lah the whole thing. weather was goooood then when we were leaving, just nice it rained! thank God.

third day. around the same as the first day just that everyone was much more bonded together. the bible lessons were especially enriching both for the children and us. hui qian and i made some cards and gave sweets to them and hahahaha they quite appreciated them. hai so fast dvbs over already man.

actually im real real glad to know hui qian so much better! haha we worked together so well and she really was a great help in controlling the children. but ya. thank you! :)

group SAMARIA: samuel, bingliang, jia jie, benjamin, reuben, michelle, yin fei

"Come, follow me"



Wednesday, November 28, 2007

@ 9:58 PM

group samaria rawks!


Monday, November 26, 2007

@ 6:55 PM

hello~~~ (bored voice)

training at 8am and it was quite tiring. pitchers are crazy lah. why must we train soooooo hard. my whole shirt was soaked man. anyway during game my team was abit lousy. cos my captain dono how to choose team so ya la. left training half way cos had something on in school.

anyway the soccer thing at 2.30 was CANCELLED!! D:D: cos got BYMET meeting so.. haiyo. this kind of thing last minute change change then i no more excuse for not going the massage session argh! in the end i just said i din wana go and came straight home cos no one want to go out or play bball.

yar quite a b-o-r-i-n-g afternoon. like during exams i thought holidays would be so fun and packed and everything then now become like that -.- tuition starting this thur night too. man.

tried completed rubik's cube but then during the 2nd layer i mixed everything up so i gave up hahahaha. and some people can finish it in 7.26 seconds wow. with a blindfold, 48 seconds. !!



Sunday, November 25, 2007

@ 7:22 PM

christmas isn't christmas
till it happens in your heart
somewhere, deep inside you
is where christmas, really starts
so give your heart to Jesus
you'll discover when you do
that christmas', really christmas, for you.

i love this song lah really. especially when the girls sang it :)

just came back from a 3-hour singing practice. haha me, nick, brandon and jethro were challenging who can stand the longest without sitting on the chair. best record timing: 1hr20min++

well today was a real fruitful practice. less rowdy and messy. real excited for the t-shirt!!

tomorrow's gona be real busy and tue-thur even busier! BUT. dvbs is gona be so fun for the kids in samaria (my group's name lah duh.) :D



Saturday, November 24, 2007

@ 9:09 PM

new blogskin yeahhhhhhh! :)

actually i sorta used norris' blog skeleton which was created by mr. wong yang cheng haha. that pro guy luh. so spent this morning to find a suitable picture and rearrange the wordings and colours etc. cos i thot my previous skin (yes, the blog's) was sorta messy.

1pm had the 'preach the word' workshop by uncle kenneth wong. he talked for like 1 half hours tho i din feel it was too long! but anyway haha, was really inspired by his session. and gotta really read up more for the competition during youth camp! like man, 5min to preach only which is kinda tough. but. yeah, gona be so fun!

yp as usual and then open session by uncle kurien on christianity. actually i felt as if the session was like my baptism interview hahahahaha. still remembered i was interviewed by uncle chee hwee and jing poi. steady lah. so the open session was kinda enjoyable.

then games at kebun baru.. whoa sat always passes v fast lorh. tmw is sunday and singing practice! including my exhortation hee :)

monday got this soccer match against uncle andrew sng's homeschool team. their last training for the year i think so play friendly with bethesda peeps lorh. heard that our team musnt be too pro haha so the oldest is gona be brandon. it's at 2.30 and kinda lucky cos my schooooool right. they hired a massage centre -.- say what all the sports cca MUST go for this massage thing at 2.30. and must bring towel -.- so i confirmed gona so pon that.




Friday, November 23, 2007

@ 8:35 PM


training started at 9 and was rather dull cos it was mainly pitching training for me. anyway the whole b div had lunch at market and walked back to hwachong! oh ya then we found a E61 at the food centre then we somehow managed to contact the owner! :D haha hwa chong integrity spiritt.

since it was a v v large group, so talk too much then in the end not enough time to walk back to hwa chong. so halfway after getting a drink we took a bus for like 2-3 bus-stops? hahaha. training in the afternoon was game! sec1s vs b div again! haha we thrashed them like 31-6 or smth and we din score by any homeruns! it's meant to be gooood. really lah. but the sec1s had like 3 JC1 people so cant say we bullied them.

done preparation for my exhortation message for this sun haha. tho it's just 5 min but it needs meditation too! :) and preaching the word in yc is so gona be fun man.

and dvbs next week is like. gahhhhhh :O well hopefully my group wouldnt be sooooo naughty as it looks on the register.

but haha. surely God will bless it!


we all share the same GOD


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

@ 2:27 PM

holidays this week are soooo boring man.

bought my sec3 stuffs and decided to so-called mug for next year heh. but other then that is training and tmw is dvbs briefing! woohoo.

today training rawked man. sec3s and sec2s against sec1s again so we owned them i think 15-1. heh hit a homer with 2 runners so that's 3 points! :D haha training is always super fun man.

next mon playing futball against uncle andrew sng's team at st.wilfred. their last training i think so we're playing friendly. haha should be quite fun.

then next week is dvbs! :D

and the yc shirt is super uber nice!



Monday, November 19, 2007

@ 7:13 PM

no nice movies :(


Friday, November 16, 2007

@ 7:29 PM


haha it costs like 200 over bucks but coach helped us get it at 140. super.

anyway after eating at kfc at bukit timah, me gid nor isaiah decided to take the 3km walk back to hwachong rather than taking bus. oh and i met nic chia at kfc haha. too bad he isnt going yc aw.

we took like 40min then continued our afternoon training which was so cool lah. sec 1s against sec2s and sec3s. but then the secones had an overage JC guy so that was the reason we lost 15-16 -.- but good game lah haha.

and it's already sat tomorrow!




Thursday, November 15, 2007

@ 9:45 PM

whoo! haha today made my holidays not so boring as usual :)

was supposed to meet some two people at jurong east at 10, then ended up at 10.30. haha but anyway later we went to meet up with hilary at outram park and all the way~ to eunos! then take bus 13 blah blah walk here walk there then walk to east coast. and we were at one end of east coast and there was the bicycle kiosk in front of us so it was a goood reason to rent it there and then!

josh, jolene, hilary and me cycled to the food centre at east coast and met uh. chloe lydia danna ben reuben brandon jethro renan natchia wes. so we ate lunch there then everyone rented their bikes and some of us coped the two-seater bikes. yar then we cycled all the way~ down east coast to the OTHER end. quite fun lah and relaxing.

so after that we stoned there for like 15 minutes to see where we wanted to go -.- and ended up going to the lighthouse at the other end of east coast (again!) rather than the changi village. jet had to leave cos he had something on, so on the way claudia elena robyn dawn joined us. then there were shortage of bikes so brandon and i lent ours to them and ran haha. kay lah jogged. lydia too!

quite fun lah running. so went to lighthouse then supposed to go to macs but then hor everyone started throwing frisbee so stone there again haha! then was so tired already then amos joined us! brandon him and i decided to jog back to the kiosk and it was like a 3km run which was haha quite xiong.

after the others returned their bikes, the four of us had to cycle back to the kiosk at the other end of east coast to return our bikes (i know it's kinda lame now -.-). then the uncle gave us discount! :D $8.50 for 4 hours which was like a super bargain lorh. our bikes so much nicer then the others haha. got 2 free water also leh. then we walk back (again) to the field opposite VJC and played frisbee! haha play play play until some of them left.

so nat wes josh me ben hilary reuben chloe jolene lydia danna went to burger kings and then played cards. and haha reuben played taiti really well :D

at the end, took a cab to eunos and took train all the way back~~~

tomorrow trg at 9.30am so can slack abit heh.



Monday, November 12, 2007

@ 9:35 PM

HAHA! i finally found the captain's ball tournament website :D:D so here are the photos!

the team again: brandon.titus.curtis.reuben.benchia.nickan.timothy.jonlim.lydia.claudia.jolene



@ 7:42 PM

izumi is back from council retreat!

haha it was quite fun lah at malacca this year. so went to school at 6.30am and then went to malaysia. long trip sia 4plus hours. played bridge like upmteen times on the bus haha. and i just realised that there are so FEW players who know how to play bride -.- everytime play taiti abit lame lah

had lunch at some restaurant that we went before last year. then continued our trip. reached our Equatorial Hotel (5 STARS! :D) at around 4pm. shared room with gordon :D then my room and dennis room (neighbour) were the only two rooms which were connected!! so means it's like 2 rooms combined and haha shiok!

after that proceeded to first meeting at function room. kwang ming, gordon and i presented the 8th ProEd council vision: framework, welfare initiatives, events and stuffs. then later announced the new batch of events and all the Organising Secretaries. after that everyone started their work plan for their events. did that for 2 hours and then we went MAHKOTAH!!:D

if i'm not wrong that was the biggest shopping centre in Melaka so anyway the place was quite huge and crowded. went to all the usual shops haha. royal sporting house, adidas, world of sports were all there... but not cheap! then i wanted to buy this really cool and nice nike shoe then they say dont have my size -.- haha then on the way out i saw this mizuno shoe right. the price tag read: 399RM, 70% discount. meaning it was 119RM!! which was like wah uber cheap. so bought that :) then we bought blings for the sec 3 councilors too.

went back to hotel and then slacked in our rooms haha. lotsa people came to our rooms and then we watched soccer until like 2am.

had breakfast at 7am and then went to some chinese temple to visit. which i thot was a little bit scary heh. that temple was supposed to be one of the oldeset temples and had all those weird statues of dono how many gods. after lunch we visited some other ulu areas and then went back to hotel for another meeting.

ya so we bade farewells to the sec 3 councilors then the new exco for next year was announced. really sad lah cos i really liked the sec3s and they were more of buddies then seniors. and like next year it's US that are gona be the sec3s to look up to. haha but anyway the OTs presented their workplans and then we had dinner!

then after dinner went to another shopping centre opposite Mahkotah and bought quiksilver pencil case there :) quite OK price lah. then we all run to Mahkotah and play bowling for like 1 hour plus heh.

at night watched manutd for 1 half then watched Fantastic Four haha! by the time the movie end everyone sleep lo. then alot of people kena locked out by their roommates so they all slept in our 2in1 hotel room.

this morning checked out at 11am and visited some bee farm and bought honey (DUH!). and the bus on the way home was like real quiet cos everyone was sleeping hahahah. reached hwachong at 5.30 and home sweet home!



Wednesday, November 7, 2007

@ 7:24 PM

woohoo today RAWKED! :D

woke up at 7am and took mrt at 7.30am. from chinese garden alllllllll the way to tampines. it's around 24 stops if you cant see my point. and super crowded lah!

then dono why at taneh merah station actually supposed to seat on and not change train then i think cos my leg itchy after sitting down for so long. so i went out. haha then missed 1 train lorh.

reached tampines at 8.30+ and met up with jo there. then met up with benchiamin and jong and waited for the others: lydia, nick kan, reuben. then we went to the place (a hockey court near tampines stadium). haha then we wear lime green wild goose race shirt :D super cool larh. then the ball we play with same colour as us. got 7 other teams.

so we played our first match against some blue shirt team. we were team 3 by the way :) then we won them i think 13-6 or smth. yar i played guard and haha IT WASNT SO BAD! then halfway curtis arrived after his stomach ache at home apparently.

so subsequent matches we won all lorh. haha some we thrashed larh but we still had a wonderful time. as in like our opponents were very nice to us and then we shook hands and so on. yar then we prayed before the matches too! but we played a good game larh.

then after about 5 matches it was lunch break at 1145. ate at some coffee shop and then the rest joined us. ben chia had to leave for school though. pity! so it was me, brandon, titus, curtis, reuben, jong, nick kan, timothy! and lydia, claudia and jolene. danna came later to support :)

wah then even though we won all 5 matches right, we were still second in the table lorh. cos got one PINK team got two dam tall guys. like 1.9 m like that. so one of them play catcher and the other play the guard. then like they all play basketball one some more. so like they scored 80+ and conceded less then 10!! and then we were playing against them after lunch ack.

so we tried hard larh. but this time we really ran alot and like quite stressful haha. but still we kena thrased 16-9. but not bad leh! we scored the most against them compared to other teams yay. so after that match we were like superrrr tired can. played cards then played another match against balastier hill or smth.

anyway after that was quater-finals which was quite dumb actually cos there were only 8 teams and so everyone qualify -.- then we proceded to semis against the blue team again! haha they were like really cute larh. especially the catcher i was guarding. so we proceded to the finals and met again with the PINK team. man, they were like really xiong larh. so we tried tactics and then wah we played xiong too. markings, shootings. push alot, ran alot, jumped alot. nick kan did a great job guarding! like wah against a 1.9m catcher he still could knock it off lah. then the girls scored alot too. like man, we gave it all out.

haiya then we lost lah. 8-9. sad larh. man but we were still the youngest team heheh. then the organisers sorta like us cos we were the so-called nicest team and then we played with style lah. then ask us whether we 16 year old anot. then the PINK team rely on those two goliaths =.= then the rules in the registration form say what 'goals scored by girls are worth 2 points' or smth lidat. wah unfair lah! our girls are SUPER EFFICIENT okay, score alot then they forgot all about it.

but after the whole thing was dam shack. went to bathe at the stadium with timo and nick. then the rest went to reuben's hse for dinner. grr if only i could join!

then the 24 stops home lorh. sian larh. sit for dam long then come my station stand up got cram until cannot tap the card haha. i think i looked kinda stupid larh. cos i just sat on the floor beside the tapping machine but then still got cramp. then control control and walk to bus stop and asked my dad pick me up.

sleep sleep! i think we played real well today haha :)


Monday, November 5, 2007

@ 8:23 PM

whew! busy week man! wasnt able to post frequently.

anyway to david and lydia, jia you for o'levels! tomorrow is the last day :D

reuben, ren an, john mark, samuel, moritza, natalie, chloe, audrey : press on! haha all the best

this week is like soooo tiring man.

monday (today): full day training
tuesday: hip hop dancing
wednesday: captain's ball!
thursday: council planning + bball
friday: full day training
saturday, sunday, next monday: council retreat at malacca!!!

woohooo~ life excites.



Friday, November 2, 2007

@ 3:21 PM


saw many of my friends making tributes to their class so i shall do mine too!

1H'06, 2H '07

#1 Benjamin Lin
Yo big guy! haha i think it was a pleasure to sit with you on your right! sorry arh sometimes bully you by 'gu chi-ing' haha. thanks for your (bumble bee) cards for my birthday! and ya it was real fun with you larh. whole day crap with you during chinese lesson, play connect four. will remember you buddy!

#2 Bryan Gregory Kor
haha one word for you : SCAM! i think whole of 2H will agree. then everytime you kena scam we always say "scammer kena scammed" haha! still remember last year i invited you to one church outing at labrador park right! a little bit screwed but hope you enjoyed it :) then in class you very pro at flicking bottle caps and paper hor. anyway you're one joker haha!

#3 Daniel Chan
EP3-less guy! sec 1 dint really know you well, just remembered that you were one NCC fan haha. then this year then i got to know you much better cos you sit right behind me! then dono why you quit NCC cos say too stress, then say want to go library then in the end no more CCA. in class whole day sms to someone called QIQI hor ;) then hp kena confiscated like to kb. but your results improved TREMENDOUSLY and happy for ya :D wahhh, math top in ProEd hor!

#4 Jonathan Foo
Hmm got a lot of things to say about you but won't say so much. still remembered sec 1 when jaya ask who is the joker in the class then you raise up your hand. then you give your photos to some of us say what pass to girlfriend maybe they like you or smth right? hmm then this year quite fun larh during council retreats but don be too anti-council just because you din get into exco kay? oh ya, and you jay chou fan also hor! whole day sing behind me with daniel until dam noisy haha..

#5 Gideon Purwono
Yo! I think this year I also got to know you much better! Thanks for being such an encouragement to me, you being the only other christian still going strong in my class. Well though you were teased by haha the usual people yet i still admire you going strong for the Lord! See ya in Humanities programme next year!

#6 Irvin Ho
Orientation group 4! anyway it was a pleasure to have you in my project's day group. haha thanks for surveying and collating the results and presenting them. pity we did not get into grand finals lorh! but your effort is really appreciated. haha then this year you switch from liverpool fan to man utd fan :P all the way man!

#7 Shi Rong
same orientation group. sec 1 I sat beside you remember? then we also crap during chinese lesson. wah then your math very pro hor haha. 'Bottle Flick no Jutstu'. Big naruto fan like irvin! haha see ya!

#8 ME :D

#9 Jordan lim
lol you are one talkative and sometimes crappy guy. haha math pro also then like to kb all the chinese teachers until they all shout at you before. but it's great to have you as a friend! same OBS group and i think haha we were great! lol then during kayaking we went through thick and thin together. same orientation group also huh. then always buy new shoe, new bag hahaha.

#10 Sam Kee
Yo class chairman! haha always sit in class quiet quiet then sometimes crap abit, otherwise very steady eh? then still remember during conflicts we would like discuss discuss about 'strategies'. CS and dotA pro haha. great friend :D see ya in HP too!

#11 Jonathan Khoo
hello khoo! haha i think i can only remember you as a mugger for math and science lol. then always with the maple group (xyt, xb, yx) all the 'x' people hahaha. then sit beside jordan at first then zhi tao always quiet quiet one.

#12 Delwin Koh
haha don delwin leh! cannot go with you to KAP cos you always cope our french fries! no larh haha. sec 1 whole day play chapteh, sec 2 play bottle flick and bingo. then you exempted from IH then you dam happy lorh. haha im scared when you finally grow real tall!

#13 Sean Lai
lai wei hong ah, don sound too high class leh, otherwise you make everyone else look too low class. haha like to crap around with lucy behind hor but a good friend larh, worked with you for ProEd nite and yeah you got jobs done very well. keep it up!

#14 Jun Yi
yo buddy! sat with you for almost the whole year :D same project's day group also. anyway i would like to thank you for your encouragement and help in many areas. haha will always remember you. soccer, com, math and humans pro. so sad wont see ya in HP but enjoy your time in SM! all the best!

haha will continue the rest some other time heh.