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Sunday, June 22, 2008

@ 7:04 PM

have done alot of self seeking lately.

having been told that depot's gona be atonomous soon, just dono how soon, just left me at a lost of words. i mean i knew such a day had to come... ... but so soon? yeah, 3 years since it started but even then.

talked to a few people. and the past year like say around 4 or 5 families have gone over. during camp heard about how leaders and help is needed there. yet at the same thing, amk's somehow decaying too. i mean like during singspiration, other than me, marvin, jef, lucas and a few others, nobody's singing at all. even the older ones, dont know what happened to them.

i mean like, i thot a few years back the youths here were buzzling and burning and so much alive. and then now...

i just realised that i have three years left in my teenage bank account. sec4, jc1, jc2, and then army. 3 years. jonathan boon shared with me why he was putting so much effort in youth work, why he is spending so much time in yp as a teenager.

"I don't want to grow up regretting not serving during my teenage years."

I have that same desire now. ever since last year youth camp, even the past bible camp, like i wanted to be used by God. some of my past bible study sessions, my other mates didnt really enjoy cos we were still young then and the teaching style wasn't effective. during last year's youth camp, as a dorm leader I learnt alot of how to lead in bible study sessions. discussions. practical lessons. prayer. sharing.

3 years.

my bank account hasn't been used much yet. the only service i'm offering so far is playing the piano. and I believe I can offer much more than that. already amk has so many youth leaders in my earlier batches. so depot? but things are always so complicated.

why, God?

I believe that before I talk about leading in church activities, I will have to take care of my school life as well. tomorrow's the first day of school. and when i step into the school compound tmw, i'll remember to say a prayer. Lord, help me, guide me for I am weak. I've been quite lazy in the past terms. time management is almost as if it's sleep management. i had no discipline.

but after camp. after the challenges to live as a christian. i'm gona change.

As Jesus said in the bible: we must prove ourselves to handle big things by handling small things first. and i'm gona handle my term 3 well. and to do that, I'll need the strength. and that strength, will come from doing my quiet time and praying everyday.

for the next few months, i'm gona pray for the youths at amk and depot. and where the Lord will lead me. pray with me. there's not much time left before the close of this year. it could be the last youth camp as bethesda hall amk+depot. i know it's sad, cos i feel the same as you. but it's all God's sovereignty.

3 years left on my bank. I want to use that 3 years for service as a youth. even though i'm just a teenager, I believe God can work wonders :)

Dear God, here's my two mites.

"You are the Potter,
I am the clay,
Mould me and make me,
this is what I pray"



Saturday, June 21, 2008

@ 10:00 PM

hey hey ! i just learnt something exciting to look forward to haha :D

you know i was talking about the 'ending of the world' [k i know it sounds creepy] in my previous post right, so i'm talking about what comes AFTER that. something you might call shiok haha.

it's called: millennial kingdom.

after the end of the world, where many terrible stuffs will happen over a span of 7 years, comes the millennial kingdom period. this thing will last for 1000 years, can you imagine :) that's like super uber long. anyway here's a description of how it's gona be like.

everything then is gona change. [recall recall ... sounds like narnia right] everything now that is wrong will be right then.

switch on the tv now and people will be saying "man, there's nothing GOOD to watch."
switch on the tv then and people will be saying "man, why is everything good ?! i want some bad stuff."

schools will be teaching stuff about christianity, christian values.. if you take a look at the world now, everybody's teaching stuff like EQ, anger management, and most places forbid the teaching of christian values and such.

here's a story. [from david mcleod's book]

a young man was driving a ferrari in new york city on a highway. there happened to be a traffic jam and so he became impatient and decided to take the shortcut: through small streets. So down he drove into the slumps and towns, the narrow and bending streets. the deeper he went, the more thugs appeared, the more gangsters roamed around the streets. and he prayed throughout that so long his car was moving, no harm will come upon him.

unfortunately, his car came to a stop. engine stalled. and 5 gangsters looking all roughed up started to approach the red ferrari. he immediately called the tow truck to tow his car away.

when the tow truck came, the driver came and the 5 gangsters turned their attention on him. still calm, he told them,

"hey hey, this is not what it's supposed to be. Ideally, this driver should drive smoothly with no disturbance through this town. Ideally, when his car broke down, you 5 guys should offer to help him. Ideally, when the tow truck comes, you should ask if you could help in any way. Ideally, when the tow truck leaves, he should wave to you and you wave back and everybody should be happy."


everyone knew what ideally should have happened but somehow didnt want it to happen. in the millenial kingdom, everything ideal will happen :D

but as a christian, everything i know should be ideal for me to do, i'll do my best to do it :D

today in rfg, we talking about tempation too. did you know how small satan was. though in this world, you might think that he's some big giant dragon who is like unbeatable and his powers are extreme and stuff. no, he isnt.

take a look at what the bible says:
Revelation [last book of the bible] 20:1-2

1"And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.
2And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years"

God didnt come down himself. He didnt have to send the Lord Jesus Christ. He didnt even send Michael or Gabriel, the archangels. he sent, an angel. and it was enough to bind satan with a chain.

you know sometimes as christians, we feel that we are weak against tempation. it's too easy to sin. we say that Satan is too tempting, and we are powerless. but hey, we just have to go back to the Maker, who is above all. that's where we can get our strength from.

1 corinthians 10:13
"No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it."

God always has a way for us :)

and christians, we can always look forward to that millenial kingdom waiting for us :D

"only that which heaven treasures,
will bring honour to His name"



Friday, June 20, 2008

@ 9:49 AM

time to make term 3 resolutions.

1. MSG to be less than 2
2. Do my quiet time
3. Uphold the ProEd Council
4. Convince yingcong and liki to be the president & vice next year
5. continue to guard my tongue
6. be a good testimony and shining light to others
7. be submissive to my teachers and seniors
8. always hand in my homework on time
9. start revising for tests at least 1 week beforehand
10. chiong ACE and OP

"But those who wait on the Lord
Shall renew their strength;
They shall mount up with wings like eagles,
They shall run and not be weary,
They shall walk and not faint."
Isaiah 40:31

And as I wait,
I'll rise up like the eagle.
And I will soar with You
Your spirit leads me on
by the power of your love



Wednesday, June 18, 2008

@ 6:17 PM

hello. :]

it's been like 1 month since i posted. cos i actually wanted to abandon it due to my studies. but i decided that anything i'm gona post from now is gona be something that Jesus can read, meaning I'm gona post on what I've learnt :) not too often though. grades.

anyway before i forget, happy birthday jolene! :D

ok now to the topic.

seriously ALOT have happened for the past 1 month, and like life for a moment, seemed to whiz past.. without God once again. And ya, i reaped what i sowed, and i got lousy grades for term 2. I was thinking to myself what kind of example am I setting for my peers and juniors. Lots of people had high expectations of me in school. when term 2 started, I mugged like crazy but then gradually, ya i went on my own steam. then i became lazy. so in the end, lousy report card.

slc [student leader convention] was like real great. i mean all the facs and everything, staying up late... fun lah, but i realised that i had to end it somehow. parents were getting upset about me staying up so late and so many gatherings, and ya i kinda agreed. and like, ALWAYS you know, amidst the fun and laughter, i left God hurt. and after the convention i mugged that whole week in time for camp.


it was like, a week spent with God alone. like after a vacation for about 5 months since youth camp and then i'm back home. and everything was so refreshing. yet at the same time, there was this guilt. i really enjoyed every moment of the camp. and to think that it was the last year for me to be in J3 and ya, can tell that uncle andrew wanted me to lead as an example. and now to think of it, when he asked me to share about my accident, it shook me abit. I mean like, i actually quite forgotten how much I was sorrowful and regretful 3 months ago, how i promised God that I will commit my life to Him. Now then I remember. it's like a second wake up call from God. crocodile tears

BS and uncle andrew's talks were tho fundamental but very uplifting. It taught me that being a Christian is not just by claiming but by living. Merely saying the sinner's prayer isn't gonna help, you've got to live it out. My life downslided this year, my walk's upside down. And 2 cor 5:17 says "Therefore if any man is in Christ, He is a new creation. The old has passed, the new has come." And this was the ONLY verse I remembered since pei hwa. still recall mr michael chan teaching this verse with a basketball. really cool lah, and very easy to remember.

during the camp i went through lots of thinking. personal thoughts. one of them was about being a missionary. that actually means that whatever degree or PhD or qualifications I'm getting in college, university is not gona bring me riches or big houses. it means going to a third world country to help the poor and unfortunate. yes it sounds super unattractive to those in top schools and those who aspire to be bill gates or something. but it all has to do with perspective. i started thinking about this after hearing about reuben's aspiration to go to the mission field. and through the camp, as a believer, i realised how much the lord jesus christ sacrificed to come down to this world. someone said that it's worse than a human transcending into a pile of dung. and when he came to this 'dung', he didnt even come as a king or someone rich. he was born in a feeding tub for horses, grew up as a carpenter, and finally died for us.

He gave up everything man.

and then second thought was, the end of the world is coming. haha yes i know i say this so many times in school. but it's true. no joke.

i mean. here are some observations.

ever wonder how come in these 2-4 years there are like more than 20 earthquakes,tsunamis,hurricanes...?
ever wonder why movies depicting the end of the world start cropping up?
ever realised how global warming's becoming more real?

you know it yourself.

and i was thinking since only 20 years at most is left for us, why can't i use them all for God. is being rich everything? cmon, these are all paper man, not real worth.

first camp as an assistant games group leader. didnt really do much since timo's such an efficient leader haha :) and right from the start i learnt that winning isn't everything. tho i thank God we tied 2nd :D but yeah, with the smallest group, everyone put in effort.

hai. like school's starting next week. and i keep thinking about the 1month i gotta stay in Beijing for nuts. 4 weeks leh! no church, no church friends, no yp, no going out. and i seriously dont like being in somewhere where everything's chinese. scary lah. then come back talk like cheena. i mean it's not that i don't like the way they speak, but it's like kena brainwashed. and i like my un-cheena accent HAHA.

work work work. seriously seriously needed to buck up. no choice. and i started doing my quiet time. need to have intake or else no substance.

and oh ya, another thing that i'm deeply considering is about youth work. i mean, somehow both in amk and depot, yp is sorta decreasing. after all the guys go to army, there are fewer left to tend the flock. and fewer leaders. and like, the youths in our church, especially the younger ones are not yearning.

and i dread depot becoming autonomous. so many friends there and then ... man, why must be like that.

council. slc. softball. grades. church.

so many stuff, how to think sia.

that's why my old favourite song heart of worship is super meaningful to me now.
i'm coming back to the heart of worship.


"And Now I've found
The Greatest love of all, is mine
Since you laid down your life."