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By Elies
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Saturday, December 15, 2007

@ 6:15 PM


honestly, i think this year's youth camp was super enriching and a life changing experience for me. the activities were super but i thought that the lessons that were learnt are way more important.

well, this camp is one camp that I am super involved in. Pianist, Giving thanks, Dorm Leader, Preach the Word, Olympic Bible Quiz... but I thank the Lord, that He has been so good to grant me these opportunities.

this is my first year as a dorm leader and i was in charge of the P6 and sec 1 dorm. well honestly i thought that all 7 of them were really well behaved and they have great potential. and even as I led in the dorm devotions, i myself learnt many precious lessons from the other 2 dorm leaders jong and brandon. all five nights were regarding on the thoughts we should have according to the theme verse- Phillipians 4:8. This year, many stuffs happened and often the times my thoughts weren't glorifying to the Lord at all. and from thoughts comes the behaviour and I think that my behaviour wasnt at all christian-like at times. and the dorm devotion really helped me to think about the things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely and of good report. And as I shared during the discussions, it was a challenge for me to practise what I preach and to have the mind of Christ.

I shared this part during the campfire and i think this is the most important lesson i have learnt. my dad strongly encouraged me to memorise the whole book of philippias and also to participate in the Preach the Word thing but I was reluctant. And when I slowly compelled, the reason why I agreed to do it was so as to glorify myself. But I thank the Lord that during my preparation of my message and the memorising of Phillipians, He led me to His word which really convicted me. "Let nothing be done out of selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind, let each esteem others better than himself". In the process of memorising, I stumbled on this verse in Philippians 2 and ya. it struck me. and I also realised that many times I did not put others first, let alone God in my life. my priorities were mixed up. And still, in my pride and sinful nature, I feel weak to listen to the Spirit's leading. And this is where my preparation for my message became personal to me.

Phillipians 4:13
"I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

This verse encouraged me alot. And I am reassured that as long as I stay close to the Lord Jesus Christ, I will learn to be faithful to Him and to be humble. And with this strength, it is my prayer to be a humble and helpful person, putting God and others in front of me.

The talks by our brother Keith Keyser were especially enriching. I began to learn and understand what was in the mind of our Lord Jesus Christ during those times of trials before He went to the cross. He had foreknowledge and He knew that everything was going according to His will. This taught me not to be too anxious. As Phillipians 4 puts it.

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God."

Many times I don't understand why things must turn out the wrong way and why I had to face so many trials and troubles. But now I know, with the comfort of the Lord Jesus Christ, that everything is according to God's plan. And all things will work out for the good of the glory of God the Father.

In this camp, I got to know so many people personally and I really thank the Lord for that. My bible study group was really super and Uncle Andrew and Xin An did a great job in leading us to different portions of the scripture. I learnt many valuable lessons and was also able to share some of my thoughs and experiences. My games group (PURE) was great too! Well though my group is one of the quieter ones but I guess all of us were bonded together. Everybody contributed in one way or another during the games, skit or competitions. And we tied for 2nd place! :D :D haha 2nd for 2 years in a row.

anyway, last night was quite fruitful. i drank like 3 cups of coffee so that I wouldnt fall asleep and finally slept for 1+ hour at 6am today hahahahaha. But during the night, I got to talk to many people, especially the sec 1s and encouraged them to grow up and be an example to the younger ones. And ya. we had a heart to heart talk with them and I pray that the sec 1 batch this year will continue to mature and be able to serve in the Lord's ministry.

Overall, this camp really helped me to mature in my thinking alot. Especially due to all the memorising and bible studies and such. But ya. Next year is gona be a tough year ahead.

And I want to start right.


After Your Own Heart

My Creator God
The perfect love You've given me,
Jesus, my Saviour
All I ask of You
That only Him be formed in me
Grant me now, a contrite heart

Take my hand, hold it tight, dear Lord I pray
Calm my heart, still my soul, open my ears
So that I may hear Your still small voice that's speakingto me
All my life, let me be
One after your own heart

"When I think of You
your loveliness so pure and true,
such perfection
I can't understand
You're loving such a worthless one
May Your beauty, shine through me"

Take my hand, hold it tight, dear Lord I pray
Calm my heart, still my soul, open my eyes
So that I may know Your loving hand is leading me on
All my life, let me be
One after Your own heart

Lord you know my mind
You know I often stray,
my thoughts are prone to wander
Guard me with Your laws
And shape me with Your glory, Lord
Let Your perfect will reign in me

Take my hand, hold it tight, dear Lord I pray
Keep me strong,lead me on holding Your arms
So that as I face each coming day
I'll know I'm Yours
All my life, let me be
One after Your own heart

So that when I stand before Your throne
I'll know You're my God
Christ with me, Christ in me
Lovely perfection, at last