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name: izumi aka imuzi
spoke: 24MAY93
loves: God family church kitkat! music
plays: softball piano soccer
in: hwachong proed council 4H2




By Elies
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Monday, November 12, 2007

@ 7:42 PM

izumi is back from council retreat!

haha it was quite fun lah at malacca this year. so went to school at 6.30am and then went to malaysia. long trip sia 4plus hours. played bridge like upmteen times on the bus haha. and i just realised that there are so FEW players who know how to play bride -.- everytime play taiti abit lame lah

had lunch at some restaurant that we went before last year. then continued our trip. reached our Equatorial Hotel (5 STARS! :D) at around 4pm. shared room with gordon :D then my room and dennis room (neighbour) were the only two rooms which were connected!! so means it's like 2 rooms combined and haha shiok!

after that proceeded to first meeting at function room. kwang ming, gordon and i presented the 8th ProEd council vision: framework, welfare initiatives, events and stuffs. then later announced the new batch of events and all the Organising Secretaries. after that everyone started their work plan for their events. did that for 2 hours and then we went MAHKOTAH!!:D

if i'm not wrong that was the biggest shopping centre in Melaka so anyway the place was quite huge and crowded. went to all the usual shops haha. royal sporting house, adidas, world of sports were all there... but not cheap! then i wanted to buy this really cool and nice nike shoe then they say dont have my size -.- haha then on the way out i saw this mizuno shoe right. the price tag read: 399RM, 70% discount. meaning it was 119RM!! which was like wah uber cheap. so bought that :) then we bought blings for the sec 3 councilors too.

went back to hotel and then slacked in our rooms haha. lotsa people came to our rooms and then we watched soccer until like 2am.

had breakfast at 7am and then went to some chinese temple to visit. which i thot was a little bit scary heh. that temple was supposed to be one of the oldeset temples and had all those weird statues of dono how many gods. after lunch we visited some other ulu areas and then went back to hotel for another meeting.

ya so we bade farewells to the sec 3 councilors then the new exco for next year was announced. really sad lah cos i really liked the sec3s and they were more of buddies then seniors. and like next year it's US that are gona be the sec3s to look up to. haha but anyway the OTs presented their workplans and then we had dinner!

then after dinner went to another shopping centre opposite Mahkotah and bought quiksilver pencil case there :) quite OK price lah. then we all run to Mahkotah and play bowling for like 1 hour plus heh.

at night watched manutd for 1 half then watched Fantastic Four haha! by the time the movie end everyone sleep lo. then alot of people kena locked out by their roommates so they all slept in our 2in1 hotel room.

this morning checked out at 11am and visited some bee farm and bought honey (DUH!). and the bus on the way home was like real quiet cos everyone was sleeping hahahah. reached hwachong at 5.30 and home sweet home!