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name: izumi aka imuzi
spoke: 24MAY93
loves: God family church kitkat! music
plays: softball piano soccer
in: hwachong proed council 4H2




By Elies
Base Code & Inspiration nostalgia.
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Friday, November 2, 2007

@ 3:21 PM


saw many of my friends making tributes to their class so i shall do mine too!

1H'06, 2H '07

#1 Benjamin Lin
Yo big guy! haha i think it was a pleasure to sit with you on your right! sorry arh sometimes bully you by 'gu chi-ing' haha. thanks for your (bumble bee) cards for my birthday! and ya it was real fun with you larh. whole day crap with you during chinese lesson, play connect four. will remember you buddy!

#2 Bryan Gregory Kor
haha one word for you : SCAM! i think whole of 2H will agree. then everytime you kena scam we always say "scammer kena scammed" haha! still remember last year i invited you to one church outing at labrador park right! a little bit screwed but hope you enjoyed it :) then in class you very pro at flicking bottle caps and paper hor. anyway you're one joker haha!

#3 Daniel Chan
EP3-less guy! sec 1 dint really know you well, just remembered that you were one NCC fan haha. then this year then i got to know you much better cos you sit right behind me! then dono why you quit NCC cos say too stress, then say want to go library then in the end no more CCA. in class whole day sms to someone called QIQI hor ;) then hp kena confiscated like to kb. but your results improved TREMENDOUSLY and happy for ya :D wahhh, math top in ProEd hor!

#4 Jonathan Foo
Hmm got a lot of things to say about you but won't say so much. still remembered sec 1 when jaya ask who is the joker in the class then you raise up your hand. then you give your photos to some of us say what pass to girlfriend maybe they like you or smth right? hmm then this year quite fun larh during council retreats but don be too anti-council just because you din get into exco kay? oh ya, and you jay chou fan also hor! whole day sing behind me with daniel until dam noisy haha..

#5 Gideon Purwono
Yo! I think this year I also got to know you much better! Thanks for being such an encouragement to me, you being the only other christian still going strong in my class. Well though you were teased by haha the usual people yet i still admire you going strong for the Lord! See ya in Humanities programme next year!

#6 Irvin Ho
Orientation group 4! anyway it was a pleasure to have you in my project's day group. haha thanks for surveying and collating the results and presenting them. pity we did not get into grand finals lorh! but your effort is really appreciated. haha then this year you switch from liverpool fan to man utd fan :P all the way man!

#7 Shi Rong
same orientation group. sec 1 I sat beside you remember? then we also crap during chinese lesson. wah then your math very pro hor haha. 'Bottle Flick no Jutstu'. Big naruto fan like irvin! haha see ya!

#8 ME :D

#9 Jordan lim
lol you are one talkative and sometimes crappy guy. haha math pro also then like to kb all the chinese teachers until they all shout at you before. but it's great to have you as a friend! same OBS group and i think haha we were great! lol then during kayaking we went through thick and thin together. same orientation group also huh. then always buy new shoe, new bag hahaha.

#10 Sam Kee
Yo class chairman! haha always sit in class quiet quiet then sometimes crap abit, otherwise very steady eh? then still remember during conflicts we would like discuss discuss about 'strategies'. CS and dotA pro haha. great friend :D see ya in HP too!

#11 Jonathan Khoo
hello khoo! haha i think i can only remember you as a mugger for math and science lol. then always with the maple group (xyt, xb, yx) all the 'x' people hahaha. then sit beside jordan at first then zhi tao always quiet quiet one.

#12 Delwin Koh
haha don delwin leh! cannot go with you to KAP cos you always cope our french fries! no larh haha. sec 1 whole day play chapteh, sec 2 play bottle flick and bingo. then you exempted from IH then you dam happy lorh. haha im scared when you finally grow real tall!

#13 Sean Lai
lai wei hong ah, don sound too high class leh, otherwise you make everyone else look too low class. haha like to crap around with lucy behind hor but a good friend larh, worked with you for ProEd nite and yeah you got jobs done very well. keep it up!

#14 Jun Yi
yo buddy! sat with you for almost the whole year :D same project's day group also. anyway i would like to thank you for your encouragement and help in many areas. haha will always remember you. soccer, com, math and humans pro. so sad wont see ya in HP but enjoy your time in SM! all the best!

haha will continue the rest some other time heh.