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name: izumi aka imuzi
spoke: 24MAY93
loves: God family church kitkat! music
plays: softball piano soccer
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By Elies
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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

@ 8:49 PM


hp + wallet PLUS nametag still lost. hai. it can't end lyk dat rite??? God's a perfect author i noe. the story's gotta have a happy ending.

dey are lyk my LOST SHEEP. boo hoo. so empty u noe, lyk one missing item. i want to call sm1 or sms den now of all tyms, i dun have it. hai.

e song embed nice eh? well i lyk it. haha.

todae. 2nd dae of slc.

serious work mann. did e action plan. so much typing n stuffs. lunch. stil thinking abt hp n wallet. den more typing n brainstorming. den e presentation. den our dear grp leader realised dat e FLOPPY DISK CRASHED. omg. n toking abt preserving our HERITAGE. floppy disk was lyk how many centuries ago...

so had to present impromptu. yikes. lyk totally nth to present lorh. haha.

den went home. still so sad me. hai.

Dear God, please end this chapter nicely. please?