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By Elies
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Sunday, May 27, 2007

@ 10:06 PM

wells. to sum up e past few days.


went for soccer match wif BB at yishun sec. won 4-1 yea! played RB n RW haha.
den went to brandon's hse wif xin an n ren an, den e guard stopped us from jumping into e pool. some cleaning up stuff going on. sad-ed.
took a shower, den xin an n ren an went to church for some singing practice. so stayed on wif brandon.
toked a while, den went amk hub for lunch at FISH and CO. I'm putting this BIG brandon. thx lots mann ((:

so went for yp. groggy. dam tired lol. had BS, veri enlightening. den went for movie- AMAZING GRACE. beri meaningful. will tok more sm other dae.


Went for church. Worship. Den interview.
Interviewers- Uncle Chee Hwee n Jing Poi. So lucas got my dad. hah.
quite tough larh actually. but thank God I made it through. baptism date to be confirmed.
den went SS. still e same thing lol. hai.

l8er went back home. slept for abt 3 hours? Den went for movie. spiderman3.
yea i noe im realli lagg.
quite ok larh. awesome show but on a lousy plot i guess. harry's cool. :]
so jus came home. 10.13pm.
n tmw trg ._.

wells. tym to try harder.

"I am a GREAT sinner, and Christ is my GREAT saviour"