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name: izumi aka imuzi
spoke: 24MAY93
loves: God family church kitkat! music
plays: softball piano soccer
in: hwachong proed council 4H2




By Elies
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Saturday, February 2, 2008

@ 11:43 AM

sorry for the emo-ness or whatever you called it!

anyway yesterday was fun ahahaha.

left lessons at 11.20 (WHOO!) to attend a funeral of one of the board of directors of hwachong. 4 of us representing the school : me, liki, yingcong, kah how. lucky huh. anyway it was quite slack lah. took 20min to reach the place, then bow three times there, then come back. came back school at 1 plus. but i missed bio lesson D:

and then in rained. mr toh announced to us our groupings for our season. Maris stella, ACS(I), Geylang Methodist and Chai CHee (or something like that). every year also the same lah. two strong and two not so strong teams. but haha this year gona be so fun man!

then we did a bit of batting in the track room and then went over to JC side to watch their match against the Waseda High School. Japanese man! but they were like really sucky so we owned them like 16-4. then the match attracted like a hundred people to watch man! :) met timo and ge wei's brother! then at the bus stop met salome too! haha saw so many people.

weekends are here and time to mug!