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By Elies
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Thursday, August 16, 2007

@ 8:20 PM

Dying World

There are facts in this world that still remain true
We're born, we live, we die, we are through
From the dust we were made to have a free will
To the dust we return when buried on a hill

All funerals are sad there is no doubt
The body in wait and death does tout
Ministers speak with means to console
The one who died, the heavenly soul?

The rally to God they all proclaim
Mistake and misleading it's all the same
The one who lived "lived a good life"
To be with God without the strife

No accountability and no remorse
For the life they led, death on course
Satan is there in death as in hell
Consoling the lost all is well

Just live a good life and be with GOd
The ultimate lie, with deceit and fraud
Many mislead by Satan's lie
Be with God by getting by

Free will was mentioned, don't you see
We all make choices on being free
Freedom in death comes from God
Not the lie of the deceiving fraud

The path is clear not many will find
The way to heaven, God defined
The path is straight only through him
THe One who died and took our sin

We all ahve a choice, free to accept
The one who died and took our steps
Atong blood was shed for all
Freedom of choice, upon who do you call

This dying world,
but not the dying me